Cut out Frame


First we'll print out our design files for the cup frame and our characters. We'll use the bigger trapezoid for our background.


We'll use the smaller trapezoid to trace an out line our coffee cup and then cut that out to create the framing on the cup. 


Now we'll secure the bigger trapezoid cutout to the inside of the cup with two small pieces of tape. Adhere the tape to the top area as shown.


The tree fort foreground will slide between the cup and the trapezoid piece.



Cut out design


Use scissors to cut out the characters to use in our scene! We can fit about three characters on a standard 12oz cup. 


We can also use a vinyl cutter to help cut out finer details in characters and scenes. The svg file includes silhouettes for each cutout print.   





3D Effect

The 3d pop out effects are created by adhering small strips of paper to the back of our characters. The ends are then attached to the foreground!

Add bends to the ends and then adhere with a glue stick or tape. 



Now we can move on to securing the Circuit Playground Express to the Lid. 


Orient the USB port to the opposite side of the opening on the lid.


Thread the JST connector on the battery pack, through the sipping hole on the lid. Connect it to the Circuit Playground Express.


Use double stick foam tape to attach to the bottom side of the Circuit Playground Express. 

Copper Traces 


Build your own traces and route your connections so they’re on the outside of the lid.


Peel the backing off the copper tape and the press down flat on the lids contour. 


Press to conform to the contours of the lid around to the sides of the lid. 

USB port


Next we can add a cut out for the USB port. We'll align our usb cable and then mark and cut away material until the usb cable fits flat inside the lid.

Complete scene


We'll light up the cup and finish our scene by gluing our characters to our tree fort foreground! We should be able to fit two to three characters per lamp!


Experiment with all of the different sensors and animations to completely customize your lamp! 

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