This guide is no longer accurate with the release of version 1.6.4 of the Arduino IDE. Custom third party board support has been officially added in v1.6.4+.

UPDATE: This guide is here for posterity, and the latest guide for adding boards to version 1.6.4+ of the Arduino IDE can be found here.

If you have downloaded v1.6.3 of the Arduino IDE, you may have noticed the addition of a feature called the Board Manager that was added along with the Library Manager. We have been working hard on updating our boards to work with the new Manager, but the IDE doesn't currently support adding of custom boards to the list. We have a temporary workaround for that issue in the form of a simple open source HTTP proxy that adds the Trinket Pro and Flora boards to the Board Manager list. We have also packaged other useful boards and added them to the proxy so they are easy for you to install.

Here is the current list of packages:

  • Adafruit AVR Boards - Includes support for Flora & Trinket Pro. If you are looking for support for the Gemma or standard Trinket, then your best bet is to follow this great guide by Tony DiCola. We are working on adding support for the Trinket and Gemma to the Board Manager.
  • ESP8266 - This adds one click install support for the ESP8266 Arduino project without having to download a separate copy of the Arduino IDE.
  • Arduino Leonardo & Micro MIDI-USB - This adds MIDI over USB support for the Micro and Leonardo using the arcore project.

Next we'll look at how to setup your Arduino IDE to use the proxy.

This guide was first published on Apr 06, 2015. It was last updated on Apr 06, 2015.

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