Adalight is a do-it-yourself LED project kit that adds realtime ambient lighting effects to your computer monitor or home theater media PC. Inspired by the Ambilight feature of Philips’ LCD HDTVs, Adalight adds pop to TV shows, movies or games!
Adalight relies on the fact that many people now have a computer in their living room for streaming video. Our special software continually analyzes the content of the screen to generate an immersive lighting display. It is not a “pass through” device and does not work with your cable TV box or game console, only computer-driven content.

The system is built upon some of the most popular cross-platform, open-source tools, so it works equally well on Windows, Mac or Linux computers. Technical users can climb in and make their own changes — larger displays, multiple monitor support, or adding new features.

Every monitor is a little different, so this project requires a bit of “maker ingenuity” to complete. Please read through the complete tutorial ahead of time for ideas on parts and tools you may need.

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