Installing Kernel Support (with Raspi-Config)

Run sudo raspi-config and follow the prompts to install i2c support for the ARM core and linux kernel

Go to Interfacing Options

Go to Interfacing Options

Then select SPI

When asked if you want to enable select YES

That's it!

Now reboot your Pi to make the SPI interface appear

Next time you log in you can check that you can see the devices with

ls -l /dev/spidev*

you should see two 'devices' one for each SPI bus

The /dev/spidev0.x will not show up when using the PiTFT screens as it is using the SPI interface.

This guide was first published on Dec 14, 2012. It was last updated on Feb 03, 2015.

This page (Configuring SPI) was last updated on Feb 03, 2015.

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