The Ethernet chipset we are using (Wiz5500) is well supported and works for all Feathers, all you need is a little library support and you will be sending packets in no time!

Install Ethernet Library

Start by installing the support library for the Wiz5500. We recommend the Arduino Ethernet library

Start by downloading the library. You can do that by using the library manager

Make sure you're running at least version 2.0.0 (or higher)

We also have a great tutorial on Arduino library installation at:

Connect Cable

Make sure you have the FeatherWing plugged into your Feather, and an Ethernet cable connected to your hub, router or switch.

Run Example Code

We recommend opening up the WebClient example

At the top of setup() change this section

void setup() {
  // You can use Ethernet.init(pin) to configure the CS pin
  //Ethernet.init(10);  // Most Arduino shields
  //Ethernet.init(5);   // MKR ETH shield
  //Ethernet.init(0);   // Teensy 2.0
  //Ethernet.init(20);  // Teensy++ 2.0
  //Ethernet.init(15);  // ESP8266 with Adafruit Featherwing Ethernet
  //Ethernet.init(33);  // ESP32 with Adafruit Featherwing Ethernet

By uncommenting the line that matches your board:

  • ESP8266 Feather uses CS pin 15
  • ESP32 Feather uses CS pin 33
  • WICED Feather uses CS pin PB4
  • nRF52832 Feather uses CS pin 11
  • Teensy, nRF52840, 32u4, 328p, M0 and M4 Feather uses CS pin 10

Change this line

char server[] = ""; // name address for Google (using DNS)


char server[] = ""; // name address for adafruit (using DNS)

and these lines

client.println("GET /search?q=arduino HTTP/1.1");


client.println("GET /testwifi/index.html HTTP/1.1");

If you're using a LoRa/RFM69 Feather, make sure to add a pinMode(8, INPUT_PULLUP) to disable the LoRa or RFM69 radio

Then open up the serial console of your Feather to see the connection and data:

If you don't get an IP address, check you have a green link light, and that your Ethernet is going out to an internet connected router. You may also have to set up the MAC address to allow it access, check with your system admin if you're not sure.

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