Power over Ethernet

To keep the FeatherWing small, simple and inexpensive, we do not include PoE support. However, it's a common request that some people want to simplify cabling when the device is far away.

This all-in-one solution will let you plug an Ethernet cable to a PoE switch/hub then split into data and a Feather-friendly micro USB connector on the other

PoE Splitter with MicroUSB Plug - Isolated 12W - 5V 2.4 Amp

Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitters can make your project wiring a breeze - and best of all they work to connect any 802.3af-capable router to any Ethernet device, even if it...

Passive PoE

If you don't even have a PoE hub, here's a solution that doesn't even require a PoE hub: passive PoE injectors!

Passive PoE Injector Cable Set

Simplify your Internet of Things with a passive PoE injector cable. These are quite handy for projects that have Ethernet connectivity and also need a power cable. Of course, you can...

These cables don't have any active PoE negotation circuitry, intstead, we just use the extra unused wires in the Cat-5+ wires to carry power and ground. They're a simple and afforable solution.

On one end, plug in the Ethernet cable to your router, and a 5V wall adapter into the 2.1mm jack

5V 2A (2000mA) switching power supply - UL Listed

This is a FCC/CE certified and UL listed power supply. Need a lot of 5V power? This switching supply gives a clean regulated 5V output at up to 2000mA. 110 or 240 input, so it works in...

Then run any standard Ethernet cable to the other end where you will use a 2.1mm to microUSB adapter cable

MicroUSB Plug to 5.5/2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Adapter

The premise of this MicroUSB Plug to 5.5/2.1mm Jack adapter is simple. There's a MicroUSB plug on one end and a 5.5mm/2.1mm DC barrel jack with center...

And plug that directly into the Feather. For long power runs there might be a slight voltage droop but since the regulator on board will reduce the input voltage to 3.3V for the chip and peripherals (all Feathers are 3.3V logic) it should not be noticable

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