Updating Firmware

As new versions of the WiFi101 library come out, you may end up getting a complaint that the library and WINC1500 firmware are out of sync:

No problem - you can update the firmware through your Arduino/compatible! Start by loading up the FirmwareUpdater sketch

If you are using a Feather M0 or WINC1500 breakout, don't forget to update the pins as necessary with setPins()!

If you are using a WiFi101 or WINC1500 shield, skip this step

Upload it to your board. Make sure the Serial console is not open before or after uploading.

Then select the Updater tool built into the IDE

Select the right COM port, and click Test Connection

If all is good you'll get a confirmation

Next, select the firmware - we of course recommend the latest version!

If you don't see the right/matching version you may need to update the IDE

Once you feel ready - make sure the USB cable is connected solidly! Click Update Firmware

And a minute or two later...

Now you're ready to rock! Reload the Firmware Check sketch from before, this time you will see:

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