Welcome to the wearables department at Adafruit! As the factory expands we move workspaces around. While everything's freshly organized, let's take this opportunity to show you around!

Lots of different types of making goes on in this space: sewing/crafting, electronics/soldering, video and photo, writing/editing, and more. Prominent in the photo above is my dedicated shooting surface which gets great light from the large windows. The desk itself is by Global Industrial.

My desk's louvered bin panel makes it easy to keep a multitude of supplies within reach. These particular bins and component drawers are from Akro Mils. A colleague put googley eyes on my Hakko soldering iron.

To fill in light opposite the sun, we have a large daylight-balanced CFL softbox by Westcott, mounted on a rolling Avenger stand/boom. This provides easy all-purpose light to the shooting surface which is usually filmed using our Nikon D5100 on a Manfrotto Magic Arm that's attached to the table with a super clamp.

These shelves host supplies, sewing machines, projects in-progress, and materials.

These heavy cardboard drawers are antistatic just like our black Adafruit product boxes.

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