Both the VS1053 version 1 (shown above, does not have big round silver capacitors at the top) and the version 2 (has a v2 label, has two big round silver caps) can drive a pair of headphones directly. Just connect the LOUT and ROUT to the left and right pins of the headphone jack. The center pin should be connected to GBUF.

Both v1 and v2 can also directly drive audio devices with differential inputs such as our 3.7 Watt Stereo Class D Amplifier. Connect LOUT and ROUT to the L+ and R+ pins of the amplifier. Connect L- and R- to the AGND pins.
If you have a v1 breakout, you can connect to powered speakers/stereo BUT YOU MUST USE THE INCLUDED CAPACITORS!

For audio devices requiring a 'line level' input, use the included capacitors. These are polarized electrolytic capacitors, so it matters which way you connect them. Connect the positive (longer) leads to the LOUT and ROUT pins, and the negative leads to the L & R pins of the headphone jack or L and R inputs of the audio device. The common (center) pin of the audio jack should be connected to the AGND pin.

If you have a v2 breakout, these capacitors can be skipped, they are included onto the breakout board itself.

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