The USB Power Gauge is powered by an ATTiny85 processor (the same one used in our Trinket and Gemma!). You can find schematics and source code in the github repository so that you can customize your power meter too!

Power Gauge Breakout Holes:

All of the ICSP connections for in-circuit serial programming are available in the breakout holes on the edge of the board. These can be used with programmers such as our USBTinyISP.

Connect to your programmer:

Using the 6-pin connector on your USBTinyISP, connect:
  • MISO -> Tx
  • VCC -> 5v
  • SCK -> Clk
  • MOSI -> SI
  • RST -> Rst
  • GND -> GND
Note! The ICSP pinouts diagram is viewed from the TOP of the connector. Note the position of pin 1.

For details on programming with the USBTinyISP, see this guide:


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