Once you follow these steps, you will no longer have a log in console on the Serial RX/TX pins, you will have to use a monitor+keyboard or ssh into your Pi! (or remove the HAT and undo the edits)

Set up the Pi to release the console pins

Start by logging into your Pi using a monitor/keyboard or via ssh

Run sudo raspi-config to open up the configuration page and select Interfacing Options or Advanced Options (it may be one or the other)

Select Serial

Select NO

Keep the Serial Port Hardware enabled

Thats it!

Run sudo shutdown -h now to shutdown your Pi safely.

Remove power, attach the GPS hat and re-power the Pi

After rebooting the Pi for the above changes to take effect, you can proceed with testing the GPS!

This guide was first published on Dec 26, 2014. It was last updated on Dec 26, 2014.

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