Once you follow these steps, you will no longer have a log in console on the Serial RX/TX pins, you will have to use a monitor+keyboard or ssh into your Pi! (or remove the HAT and undo the edits)

Set up the Pi to release the console pins

Start by logging into your Pi using a monitor/keyboard or via ssh

Run sudo raspi-config to configure the system, and select Interfacing Options.

Select Serial Port.

When asked about a login shell, select No.

Then select Yes to keep the serial port hardware enabled.

The system will confirm your choices: login shell disabled, interface enabled. Select OK.

Thats it! You’ll be back at the main menu. Press the tab key a couple times to select Finish, and select No when asked to reboot the system.

Instead, we’ll shut down the Pi to install hardware…

Run sudo shutdown -h now for a safe and orderly system shutdown. Wait 15 seconds or so before removing power, or watch for the status LED to stop blinking.

Plug in the GPS HAT to the Pi’s GPIO header and re-connect power to the system. Log in and you can proceed with testing the GPS!

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