Header Assembly

This step is optional if you plan to solder wires directly to the TS2012 breakout. However, if you plan to use the amplifier in a breadboard or connect the speakers to the terminal blocks, you'll want to follow these steps! Soldering iron and solder are required, if you're new to soldering, check out our tutorial here
Start by finding the 0.1" male header that came with your kit and breaking it if necessary into a 10-pin long piece. You can use a pair of pliers or diagonall cutters to trim the header down to 10 pins long.

Place the long ends into a breadboard as shown.
Now put the TS2012 on top so that the short ends of the pins stick thru the control and power pins.
Solder them up! Solder each pin one by one, making sure you have a good connection for each pin and pad, nice shiny joints.
Check your work when done, make sure there are no bridged connections or cold solder joints.

Speaker Terminals assembly

If you want to use the terminal blocks, place each one so the holes are pointing out.
Solder the four connections. they are bigger than most header so use plenty of solder and heat.
Check to make sure you have good connections
That's it! Now you can plug the amplifier into a breadboard and use a #1 Phillips or flat screwdriver to open and close the terminal blocks.

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