The Animal I chose uses a classic Beanie Baby toy. The code uses the chirp sound from the sounds page for the piezo and the servo moves a wire which animates the head.
The seams on the bottom are carefully cut, allowing you to save the beans and fluff stuffing. A piece of stiff wire is cut to stuff up the head into the beak. A spare piece of house wiring 10 to 12 gauge works well but anything fairly stiff but bendable will do.

The photocell is pushed through the seam at the forehead. A dot of super glue holds the photocell to the animal. A piece of flexible wire (like rainbow wire with connectors cut off one end) can be soldered carefully to trimmed photocell leads. Protect the soldered ends with hot glue, Sugru, or other material.
Drill a hole in the servo horn to match the diameter of the wire for the head. The single arm works fine but the double arm or circle will work as well. Strip and bend the end of the wire so it will fit on the servo horn and stay somewhat secure but move when needed.

Push the wire up through the beak. the other, stripped end is bent slightly and threaded into the servo horn.
If you want to maximize the speaker sound, you can place it so the hole is exposed to the exterior of the animal. The fabric does not mute the chirp sound by much.

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