Let me take you on a tour of your Trinket M0! Each Trinket M0 is assembled here at Adafruit and comes chock-full of good design to make it a joy to use.

  • Micro B USB connector - We went with the tried and true micro-B USB connector for power and/or USB communication (bootloader, serial, HID, etc). Use with any computer with a standard data/sync cable.
  • RGB DotStar LED - Instead of an always-on green LED we provide a full RGB LED. You can set it to any color in the rainbow. It will also help you know when the bootloader is running (it will turn green) or if it failed to initialize USB when connected to a computer (it will turn red). By default after you boot up the Trinket M0 it will turn a lovely violet color.
  • Red #13 LED - this LED does double duty. Its connected with a series resistor to the digital #13 GPIO pin. It pulses nicely when the Trinket is in bootloader mode, and its also handy for when you want an indicator LED.
  • ON LED - this LED lets you know when the Trinket is powered up, it will shine green whenever the 3.3V regulator is working.
  • 10 Header Pins - Check the next page for the pinout details but these have all the power and analog/digital IO you need! Solder 0.1" headers or wires directly
  • Reset Button - an onboard reset button will launch the bootloader when pressed and the Trinket is plugged into a computer. If it is not connected to a computer, it's smart enough to go straight to the program.

On the Back

JST Battery Input - you can optionally solder on a a JST PH connector on the back so you can take your Trinket anywhere and power it from an external battery. The connector is also tied to the BAT pin on the headers but it can be nice to just plug in a cable

This pin can take up 6V DC input, and has reverse-polarity, over-current and thermal protections. The circuitry inside will use either the battery or USB power, safely switching from one to the other. If both are connected, it will use whichever has the higher voltage. Works great with a Lithium Polymer battery or our 3xAAA battery packs with a JST connector on the end. There is no built in battery charging (so that you can use Alkaline or  Lithium batteries safely)

JST-PH 2-Pin SMT Right Angle Connector
A simple 2-pin connector that is compatible with the "JST PH 2-pin" connector - perfect for soldering to the bottom of our 3.3V...
In Stock
Top view shot of a red and black JST PH 2-Pin Cable to Female Connector - 100mm.
Red and black tinned wires with a 2-pin JST PH connector on the end. 4" / 100mm long. Matches up nicely with our Lipoly chargers!
In Stock

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