Once you've assembled the TFT Gizmo onto your Circuit Playground you can test it by loading one of these pre-made UF2 onto your Circuit Playground with the TFT Gizmo attached - it will perform a graphics test so you know that the Gizmo's attached!

Be sure to use the correct UF2 file for the Circuit Playground board you have.

Circuit Playground Express

If you have a Circuit Playground Express, download this UF2 file by clicking below:

Circuit Playground Bluefruit

If you have a Circuit Playground Bluefruit, download this UF2 file by clicking below:

Running Text Example UF2

Once you've downloaded the appropriate UF2 file from above, plug in your Circuit Playground to your computer with a data/sync cable.

Double-click the reset button so that the boot drive folder shows up. This folder should be called CPLAYBOOT for the CP Express and CPLAYBTBOOT for the CP Bluefruit.

Drag-n-drop the downloaded UF2 onto CPLAYBOOT or CPLAYBTBOOT folder.

Press reset button to launch the code. If you don't get graphics on the TFT, check the assembly instructions on this page

This sketch is in Arduino, so after you've run this UF2, if you want to go back to CircuitPython, you'll need to re-install the CircuitPython UF2

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