The TFT Gizmo uses SPI to receive image data. That means at least 5 pads are used - clock, data in, tft cs and d/c. An additional pin is used as a backlight control. These are already determined because of the bolt-on design. The TFT Gizmo also has a built-in audio amplifier and 2 JST connectors.

Power Pins

  • VOUT - power input, connect to 3-5VDC.
  • GND - power and signal ground. Connect to your power supply and microcontroller ground.
  • 3.3V - power input, connected to the 3.3V output of the Circuit Playground. Also, if you have a need for a clean 3.3V output, you can use this! It can provide at least 100mA output.

SPI Display Pins

  • The display used on the TFT Gizmo is a 1.54" IPS TFT ST7789 display.

    • SCK - this is the SPI clock pin, its an input to the chip. This is connected to A4 or SCL.
    • MOSI - this is the Microcontroller Out Serial In pin, for data sent from your processor to the TFT display. This is connected to A5 or SDA.
    • CS - this is the chip select pin, drop it low to start an SPI transaction. Its an input to the chip. This is connected to A6 or RX.
    • DC - this is the TFT SPI data or command selector pin. This is connected to A7 or TX.
    • LITE - this is an input used to externally control the backlight. This is connected to A3.
The SPI SCK and MOSI pins are not the default SPI pins for the CircuitPlayground Express or the CircuitPlayground Bluefruit.

Audio Pins

There is a speaker connector with a mono 2.5 Watt Class D audio amp connected to A0 or AUDIO - that's the DAC output on the SAMD21 and SAMD51. It is good for many simple sound effects or musical output.

Extra Ports

There are two additional ports that can be used for connecting external sensors or NeoPixels.

  • On the left is a port, this is a JST 3-PH port and is connected to A1.
  • On the right is another port, this is a JST 3-PH port and is connected to A2.

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