For more controlling than 4 Motors / 2 Steppers, you can stack Motor FeatherWings, but the assembly is a little different.


You'll need to grab Feather Stacking Headers from the shop

Prep the Breadboard:


Place the normal headers into the breadboard with the short side sticking up. These will help keep the Stacking Headers in place when soldering to the FeatherWing

Add the FeatherWing:


Place the stacking headers into the FeatherWing so that the long pins poke through the two rows of breakout pads. Make sure the long pins are sticking out underneath the FeatherWing

Flip it upside down so that the stacking headers fit over the headers in the breadboard


Now the headers are nicely aligned and ready to solder!


Be sure to solder all pins for reliable electrical contact.

(For tips on soldering, be sure to check out our Guide to Excellent Soldering).

Start by soldering the first row of header

Now flip around and solder the other row completely



When you are finished, check that your soldered joints are nice and shiny. The rest of the assembly is the same as the non-stacking version.

Now you're ready to stack !

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