Power Pins

  • Vin - The chip can safely run from 3-5VDC. To power the board, give it the same power as the logic level of your microcontroller - e.g. for a 5V microcontroller like Arduino, use 5V
  • GND - common ground for power and logic

I2C Logic Pins:

  • SCL - This is the I2C clock pin SCL, connect to your microcontroller's I2C clock line. There's a 10K pullup on this pin.
  • SDA - This is the I2C data pin SDA, connect to your microcontroller's I2C data line. There's a 10K pullup on this pin.
  • STEMMA QT - These connectors allow you to connect to dev boards with STEMMA QT connectors or to other things with various associated accessories

Other Pins:

  • GPO - General Purpose Output pin. This is a configurable output pin used to provide RF activity information to an external device. Note: Requires an external pullup resistor (> 4.7 KΩ) to operate. The interrupt consists in pulling the state to a low level or outputting a low-level pulse on GPO pin.
  • VEH - This analog output pin is used to deliver the analog voltage VEH available when the Energy harvesting mode is enabled and if the RF field strength is sufficient. Note: Energy harvesting voltage output is not regulated.

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