NeoPixel Shield

Put on your sunglasses before putting this shield onto your 'duino - 40 eye-blistering RGB LEDs adorn the NeoPixel shield for a blast of configurable color. Arranged in a 5x8 matrix, each pixel is individually addressable. Only one pin (Digital #6) is required to control all the LEDs. You can cut a trace and use nearly any other pin if you need some customization.

Plug-and-Play Compatible Boards

The NeoPixel Shield is tested and fully compatible with the following boards:
  • Arduino Uno (all revisions)
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Mega 2560, 1280 and ADK (all revisions)
  • Arduino Duemilanove and Diecimila w/ATmega328 chip
  • Arduino Due

Pin and Address Reference

The shield uses the following pins:
  • +5V (external 5V connection recommended)
  • GND
  • Digital pin 6 (can be changed by cutting trace on shield and adding jumper wire)
This shield can be stacked atop most others.

Because only a few connections are needed (+5V, ground and data), this shield is easy to use as a standalone LED matrix with alternate Arduino form-factors (Arduino Micro, FIO, etc.).

Untested Boards and Other Notes

  • Adafruit Menta: equivalent to Arduino Duemilanove w/328 chip; almost certainly compatible.
  • Arduino Duemilanove and Diecimila w/ATmega168 chip: electrically and mechanically compatible with 328 chip, but has only half the RAM and program space. NeoPixels use a fair amount of RAM, but there’s probably space for this to work (possibly even chaining an extra NeoPixel shield or two), provided other code is not terribly complex.
  • Arduino NG or older: possibly compatible, memory constraints permitting.
If you have specific experience with this shield on the above boards or others, please use the Feedback & Corrections link at left. Thanks!

If experiencing trouble with a board listed as “compatible,” review the introduction for tips and visit the Adafruit Forums for assistance.
Last updated on May 04, 2015 Published on Aug 14, 2013