For the 144x168 Sharp Memory Display, you will need a microprocessor with more memory than the Uno such as the Arduino Mega, Metro M0 or Metro M4

Wiring to the Arduino:

This display can be driven with only 3 pins. Any pins can be used. The wiring we show here uses pins 10, 11 and 13 for compatibility with the library example code.

  • Microcontroller GND to LCD Gnd
  • Microcontroller 5V to LCD Vin
  • Microcontroller D13 to LCD Clk
  • Microcontroller D11 to LCD DI
  • Microcontroller D10 to LCD CS

The other wires are optional, and connect directly to the Memory Display for more advanced uses. Check the raw display datasheet (in the downloads area) for details.

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