Download the Libraries

To use the Sharp Memory Display with your Arduino, you will need to download and install 2 libraries:

For details on how to install libraries, see this guide: All About Arduino Libraries.

Run the Example Code

Once your libraries are installed, open the Arduino IDE and select:

Upload the example code to your Arduino and you should see the test graphics drawn on the screen.

Programming GFX Graphics

The Sharp Memory Display is part of the growing family of Adafruit graphical displays that use the Adafruit GFX Library. This library lets you use a common set of graphical drawing functions on a whole variety of displays including.LED matrices, OLEDs, TFT LCDs, eInk and the Sharp Memory Display!

For more details about programming with GFX, see our Adafruit GFX Graphics Library Guide.

This guide was first published on Jun 22, 2013. It was last updated on Sep 18, 2023.

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