For this example, you'll want to preferably use a Metro M4 or Feather M4 so that it will be plenty fast.

The Bad Apple video example was written for the 2.7" Sharp Display. This is a port of ESP32_BadApple which as the name implies, was plays the Bad Apple video and was written to run on the ESP32 and OLED displays. You'll want to start by downloading and unzipping the example files first:

Uploading the Video

It's easiest to start with uploading the video file first. The video data is kept in flash memory, so the easiest way to put it in there is to install CircuitPython briefly just to copy the file over before uploading the Arduino code. Fortunately, Installing CircuitPython is really easy. If you are not sure how, you can check out our Welcome to CircuitPython guide.

After it finished uploading, and with the Circuit Playground board connected over USB, it should appear on your computer as a flash drive called CIRCUITPY.

You can find the file inside the data folder named video.hs.

Go ahead and copy the video file over to the root of your CIRCUITPY drive. That's it, it's time to move over to arduino.

Additional Libraries

We'll assume you've already installed the libraries mentioned on the Arduino Programming page. There are a few additional libraries required to run the example:

Adafruit Zero DMA

This is used by the Graphics Library if you choose to use DMA

Adafruit SPIFlash

This will let you read/write to the onboard FLASH memory with super-fast QSPI support

SdFat (Adafruit Fork)

The Adafruit fork of the really excellent SD card library that gives a lot more capability than the default SD library

Open in Arduino

Go ahead and open up the SHARP_BadApple.ino file up in Arduino. There's only one small change we may need to make. Go ahead and locate the following line of code:

#define SHARP_SS   A5

If your Chip Select line is connected differently, you may to change the value of SHARP_SS. That's the only change. After that, go ahead and upload it to your board. You should see an animation similar to the following:

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