The EEPROM module provides persistent storage of data across reboots. There are 64 bytes of EEPROM available for use. Byte 63 (0x3F) can be written to to change the devices default I2C address.

The module base register address for the EEPROM module is 0x0D 

This is not true EEPROM, but flash memory on the seesaw that performs the same function. Performing a chip erase will erase all data stored in the emulated EEPROM. Also, be aware that the emulated EEPROM has a limited write/erase cycle lifespan. Care should be taken to not write/erase too many times or you will get inconsistant results and possibly damage the FLASH! The FLASH is rated for 100,000 cycles

Function Registers

Register Address

Function Name

Register Size


0x00 - 0x3E

General Purpose EEPROM

8 bits each



I2C Address

8 bits


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