To use the 5V to 3V shifter breakout, plug a 5V microcontroller power, ground, SCL and SDA pins into the 5V logic inputs. Then, attach an I2C sensor to the 3V logic outputs. The sensor will now receive 3V logic.

You can use STEMMA QT cables to connect to the logic shifter.

  • Plug the 5V microcontroller into the 5V input STEMMA QT port located behind the arrows on the board silk.
  • Plug a STEMMA breakout board into the 3V output STEMMA QT port located in front of the arrows on the board silk.

You can also use standard 0.100" pitch headers to wire it up on a breadboard:

5V Logic Input

  • Board 5V to shifter 5V
  • Board GND to shifter G
  • Board SCL to shifter 5CL
  • Board SDA to shifter 5DA

3V Logic Output

  • Shifter 3V to breakout VIN
  • Shifter G to breakout GND
  • Shifter 3CL to breakout SCL
  • Shifter 3DA to breakout SDA

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