Updating Your PyPortal

Your PyPortal that came with AdaBox has older running firmware, libraries and software.

The files are the same for the PyPortal and the PyPortal Pynt.

Before you start,  you'll NEED to update your PyPortal!

Step 2 - Update Example Code to Latest

Your PyPortal may have come with an example Quotes demo, or perhaps its blank. Either way, you can install the latest Quotes demo package by clicking here to download a zip:

First, delete all the files from your CIRCUITPY drive (so you don't have any old lingering files)

Unzip this and go into the boards/pyportal/4.x folder. You will see files such as code.py and pyportal_startup.bmp. Copy over everything in the boards/pyportal/4.x folder. That means code.py and the lib folder will be in the 'root' directory of CIRCUITPY.

Step 3 - Check Display & Add WiFi Secrets

Once everything is fully copied, you will be prompted to edit secrets.py

Do that to enable WiFi support

Step 4 - If you are getting odd errors

If your filesystem somehow got corrupted, or you're getting unusual errors, try erasing the filesystem to clear out any corrupt files, by:

  • download the QSPI Eraser UF2 file
  • load it onto the PyPortal by entering the bootloader and dragging it onto PORTALBOOT
  • wait until the back LED goes from yellow to green
  • Go to Step 1 to re-load the firmware and demo code!
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