Here's how to assemble the laser cut acrylic stand for the PyPortal. The kit comes with six pieces of acrylic and six nylon screws and nuts.


First, remove the protective paper from all of the acrylic pieces.


Next, do a dry fit of the three clear piece of acrylic on the back side of the PyPortal to get everything oriented properly.

The two small pieces are used as spacers to allow clearance around some of the larger parts. Lay them onto the board first, as shown.

Then, place the large clear piece on top, making sure to align the hole for the reset and the cutout for the three JST ports.

Complete the sandwich by placing the stack on top of the black front bezel with the hole for the light sensor oriented as shown here.


Now that the fit and orientation have been established, we'll install the legs.

The two legs are identical. Pick one and slot it into the case back as shown.

Place a nut into the captive slot of the leg and then feed a short screw through from the front of the clear acrylic case back. Fasten the screw (not too tight!) and then repeat for the second leg.


Add Long Screws

To put it all together, we'll use the four long screws to secure the entire acrylic - PyPortal - acrylic - acrylic sandwich!

Run the four long screws from the front to the back, as shown.

Screw It All Together

Finally, add the case back and legs assemblage and then thread on the four nuts to secure it all in place.

Be careful not to over-tighten the screws. Doing so can potentially crack the Pyportal display!

Bonus! Penny Roll Weight

If you'd like to give your PyPortal a bit of extra heft so it won't get pushed around on your desk, you can make a great weight for $0.50. A roll of 50 pennies does the trick! The legs are designed to hold a roll of coins perfectly!

Laser Cutter Files for PyPortal Stand

If you need to replace a piece or just want to make a spare for another PyPortal, here are the vector files for 1/8" (3mm) acrylic, in Adobe Illustrator format:

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