Digi-Key x Adafruit Order Shipper Game

If you need to re-load the Digi-Key Shipping game, here's the .uf2 file below. Download this to your computer.

Plug in your PyGamer to your computer with a known good USB data cable (not a "charge-only" cable which should be killed and burned with fire) then turn on the PyGamer and press the reset button to bring up the bootloader. (Also, try both with and without a USB hub if you have one, sometimes they help, sometimes not.)

Drag the .uf2 file onto the PYGAMERBOOT drive that shows up on your computer.

Screen Adhesive Fix

The screen can become un-adhered pretty easily -- these screens were originally designed to be secured with a bezel. Your PyGamer case does a good job of holding it in place, but if you have it out of a case, it can become unstuck.

Luckily, it's easy to fix! Just use two strips of double stick adhesive tape to hold the screen down to the backing plastic.

The small bits of adhesive may have given up the fight. Go ahead and lift the screen away from the backing, being careful to go gentle on the ribbon connector!

Get some good double stick tape, as shown.

Cut off two short lengths of the tape, you can even use one piece and cut it in half length-wise to make narrow strips.

Place a piece of tape across the bottom and top edges of the backing.

Press the screen down firmly and hold for 30 seconds to ensure good adhesion.


Your PyGamer should be better than ever now, and ready to play!

This guide was first published on May 25, 2019. It was last updated on Apr 09, 2024.

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