Pinguin has the following prerequisites:

  • Autodesk EAGLE PCB design software. If reading this guide, you’re likely already a user… but if not, a limited free version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • A recent (3.X) version of Python…a standard feature on many systems now (e.g. macOS includes Python 3.7). Type python -V from a command prompt and see what you get. If not present, visit for installation help.
  • The Pillow graphics library. This might already be installed with Python, or you can type:
pip install pillow

(may require “pip3” or capitalized “Pillow”, but that’s the basic idea.)

The Pinguin software can be retrieved either via git if you have that installed:

git clone

…or by downloading and uncompressing the ZIP archive from GitHub:

You’ll have a folder, Adafruit_Pinguin, containing the Python script and a fonts subdirectory.

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