Camera connections

For the Raspberry Pi Pico setup shown in these examples, wire the following connections:

  • OV5640 GND to Pi Pico GND
  • OV5640 3V to Pi Pico 3V3
  • OV5640 SDA to Pi Pico GP8
  • OV5640 SCL to Pi Pico GP9
  • OV5640 HS to Pi Pico GP21
  • OV5640 VS to Pi Pico GP7
  • OV5640 XC to Pi Pico GP20
  • OV5640 PC to Pi Pico GP11
  • OV5640 D2..D9 to Pi Pico GP12..GP19
  • OV5640 RT to Pi Pico GP10

The pull-up resistors shown on GP8 and GP9 are not required for Adafruit's OV5640 camera break-out board but may be required for other camera breakout boards.

Many of these connections carry high frequency signals. Keep wire lengths short and consider using a perma-proto board to improve signal integrity.

LCD connections

For the LCD display, make the following connections:

  • Display V+ to Pi Pico VBUS
  • Display GND to Pi Pico GND
  • Display CK to Pi Pico GP2
  • Display SI to Pi Pico GP3
  • Display DC to Pi Pico GP0
  • Display TC to Pi Pico GP1

Here's a diagram of the many connections required; rather than trying to trace out the connections from this image, though, it's better to use the bullet list of connections above.

Depending whether you are using the optional LCD display, continue on to the LCD or ASCII mirror demo on the following pages.

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