The easiest way to add BLE UART support is using the bleuart helper module that is part of Adafruit_Mynewt, an in house Mynewt project that we created during product development.

If you wish to test a complete application that shows how to use BLE UART, you should start with the bleuart example application, which exposes shell commands to work with BLE UART, as well as tracks the TX and RX byte count via statistics, and works well with the Adafruit Mynewt Manager mobile application.

This section will be expanded in the near future with details on working with BLE and BLE UART in Mynewt, but at the moment we only have example code that we've written to get you started.

Mynewt Nimble (BLE Stack) Documentation

Mynewt's open source Bluetooth Low Energy stack is called nimble. Full documentation on number can be found via the link below:

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