Adafruit_Mynewt is a sample Mynewt project that we use internally for various projects and experiments.

It isn't necessary to use this with the Adafruit Feather nRF52 Pro, but the repository contains a number of helper modules and apps, and can help you get started working with things like BLE UART and general Bluetooth Low Energy communication.

Installing Adafruit_Mynewt

To install and use the repo locally, first create a git clone of it using your favorite git IDE or from the command-line via:

$ git clone [email protected]:adafruit/Adafruit_Mynewt.git

Once the repository in installed locally, enter the Adafruit_Mynewt directory and install the Mynewt dependencies and libraries via:

$ newt install -v
NOTE: You only need to run this command once, since the mynewt core libraries are not part of the Adafruit_Mynewt repo itself and will be downloaded into the '/repos' folder by 'newt install'

Provided Apps

Not all of the apps includes in the /apps folder are useful to everyone, but the following may serve as a good starting point for you own applications of learning requirements:

  • bleuart: This example initialises the BLE stack, and includes a BLE UART service and shell commands and statistics support to interact with the BLE UART service. This is the application that ships with our boards off the assembly line.
  • throughput: This example can be used to test the throughput speed of BLE using BLE UART. It includes a shell command ('nustest') to start and configure the throughput tests.

Helper Modules

The following modules are defined as part of Adafruit_Mynewt to make certain tasks easier to implement:

  • adautil: This module includes a number of helpers to facilitate working with UUIDs, config settings, data logs, timer timeouts, etc.
  • bledis: This module facilitates working with the Device Information Service (dis)
  • bleuart: This module facilitates working with the Nordic UART Service (nus AKA 'BLE UART')
  • fifo: This module provides a First In First Out (FIFO) buffer implementation that plays well with the internal scheduler and RTOS architecture

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