Please note that this app requires certain features to be available in the active firmware image, specifically BLE based newtmgr support. We suggest using the 'bleuart' app in Adafruit_Mynewt as a starting point for any app where you plan to use Adafruit Mynewt Manager!

To make it easier to work with Mynewt based devices, Adafruit has published a free utility for iOS (with Android support planned in the future) that can perform the following tasks:

  • View live updates of the tasks present in the task scheduler
  • View live updates of any statistics defined in the firmware
  • Send BLE UART text in both directions if the BLE UART service is present
  • Perform firmware updates over the air

Getting the Application

You can get the application from the Apple iTunes App Store searching for 'Adafruit Mynewt'.

Source Code

The Swift source code for Adafruit Mynewt Manager is available on Github at the following URL:

This guide was first published on Aug 18, 2017. It was last updated on Aug 18, 2017.

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