Arduino Libraries

OK now that you have Arduino IDE set up, drivers installed if necessary and you've practiced uploading code, you can start installing all the Libraries we'll be using to program it.

There's a lot of libraries!

Install Libraries

Open up the library manager...

And install the following libraries:

Adafruit NeoPixel

This will let you light up the LEDs on the front

Adafruit DMA NeoPixel

This adds a special NeoPixel library that uses DMA so the NeoPixel stuff happens without processor time taken.

Adafruit Unified Sensor

The underlying sensor library for ADXL343 support

Adafruit SPIFlash

This will let you read/write to the onboard FLASH memory with super-fast QSPI support

Adafruit Keypad

Our Keypad support library (for reading the button matrix)


So you can have the Trellis M4 act like a MIDI device over USB


The ADXL343 Library which provides accelerometer support

NeoTrellis M4

The NeoTrellis_M4 Library that handles MIDI, LEDs & button presses

Next Install via Zip:

Our fork of the PJRC Audio library to support the SAMD51

And our fork of the SdFat Library

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