NeoPixel rings are circular rigid printed circuit boards festooned with NeoPixel LEDs. Originally designed for our NeoPixel Goggles kit, they proved so popular with other projects…timepieces, GPS wayfinders, jewelry, etc…that we now offer several sizes and varieties…

Rather than list a zillion different links, we have a single landing page for selecting among all the different NeoPixel ring products:

NeoPixel Ring Product Selector

NeoPixel rings are offered in 12, 16, 24 and 60 pixel varieties.

60-pixel rings are actually sold as 15-pixel quarters. For a full circle, you’ll need to purchase 4 and solder them together. Or you might find creative ideas for individual arcs!

Number of Pixels

Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter


37 mm / 1.5"

23 mm / 1"


44.5 mm / 1.75"

31.75 mm / 1.25"


65.5 mm / 2.6"

52.5 mm / 2.05"

60 (4x 15-pixel arcs)

158 mm / 6.2"

145 mm / 5.7"

All rings are about 3.6 millimeters / 0.15" thick (1.6 mm for PCB, 2 mm for NeoPixels).

RGB NeoPixels are the most affordable and can produce millions of color combinations.

RGBW NeoPixels offer an eye-pleasing “true” white in addition to RGB. These are available in three different color temperaures:

  • Cool white: approximately 6000 Kelvin (K).
  • Neutral: approx 4500K.
  • Warm white: approx. 3000K.

RGBW pixels incorporate a translucent diffuser layer to help mix and soften the light output. This makes them appear less intense than RGB pixels (which are “water clear”), but it’s really the same LEDs inside.

Finer Details About NeoPixel Rings

  • When soldering wires to these rings, you need to be extra vigilant about solder blobs and short circuits. The spacing between components is very tight! It’s often easiest to insert the wire from the front and solder on the back.
  • If using alligator clips, we recommend first soldering short jumper wires to the ring inputs and connecting the clips to those, for similar reasons. (Some of our tutorials and product photos do show alligator clips directly connected to the rings, but we’ve had a lot of experience using them.)

There’s also a 24-pixel RGB ring specifically designed for the Particle (formerly Spark) Photon development board.

This one’s not “see-through” like the others — the space at the center provides a socket for the Photon board.

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