The default input pin is A3.


Output Pin

  • Sig - this is the signal output pin for the BFF. It is a through hole pad located in the center of the board. It is connected to pin A3 by default. It outputs the data signal to a connected NeoPixel strip.

A3 Jumper

  • A3 jumper - This jumper is located on the front of the board behind the signal pin of the JST PH port. If cut, the Sig pin is no longer connected to A3 and you can solder one of the solder-jumpers closed to change the output pin.

Pin Select Solder-jumpers

  • Five solder-jumpers are available to change the signal output pin for the NeoPixel BFF. They are placed horizontally on the board and are located next to their corresponding pin names. You can choose to solder one of the solder-jumpers for one of the following pins:
    • SCL
    • TX
    • RX
    • SCK
    • MOSI

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