This little breakout makes it easy to add a single NeoPixel to a project, with mounting holes and a pluggable connector. The PCB is less than 0.5"x0.5" and comes with two 3-pin JST SH 1mm pitch connectors for input and output. On the opposite side, a 5050 (5mm square) classic RGB NeoPixel that can be powered and controlled with 3.3V or 5V power.

The two mounting holes are M2 size and have clearance for the screw head, or could be used for sewing onto a fabric backing or attaching to a small model. Of course this design will never be as affordable as a pre-made strand with dozens of LEDs, but there's probably some time it would be useful - especially since it can be easily swapped out.

Comes as a single NeoPixel, no cables included so check out our JST SH compatible cables in plug or socket.

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