The Neo Trinkey is a tiny board with a few fancy features. This page takes you on a tiny tour!

USB Connector

On one end of the Neo Trinkey is the USB connector. Simply plug it into any USB A port on your laptop or computer, NeoPixel-side-up, to get started!


Towards the end of the board opposite the USB connector are four RGB NeoPixel LEDs. These LEDs are controllable in CircuitPython using board.NeoPixel and Arduino using PIN_NEOPIXEL or 0. Set the number of pixels to 4 and you're ready to go!

Capacitive Touch Pads

On the end of the board, opposite the USB connector, are two capacitive touch pads, labeled 1 and 2.

To use with CircuitPython, address touch pad 1 as board.TOUCH1 and touch pad 2 as board.TOUCH2.

To use with Arduino, address touch pad 1 as 1 and touch pad 2 as 2.

ATSAMD21 Microcontroller

The center of the board is home to the SAMD21 microcontroller. This is the brain of the board.

Reset Button

Towards the center of the board, between the microcontroller and the NeoPixel LEDs is the reset button.

Tap once to reset the board. Tap twice to enter the bootloader (needed for installing CircuitPython).

This guide was first published on Apr 10, 2021. It was last updated on Jun 22, 2024.

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