To update firmware on your MONSTER M4SK board with the latest eye animation software, start by downloading this .UF2 file:

For a HALLOWING M4 board, use this .UF2 instead:

The firmware update sequence is:

  1. Connect a USB cable and put the power switch in the “on” position
  2. Double-tap the reset button
  3. Wait for the MASKM4BOOT drive to appear!
  4. Drag the M4SKEYES.UF2 file to the MASKM4BOOT drive and wait for it to copy over
  5. The board will automatically reboot

After installing the firmware (and a brief pause while the software initializes) you should get some animated eyeballs.

If you don't see any eyes, make sure you dragged the M4SKEYES.UF2 file to the M4SKBOOT bootloader drive not the CIRCUITPY drive

If you get simple flat-colored eyes like shown here…that just means no graphics files are installed yet. We cover that on the next page. But at least we know the code’s installed!

If you get textured eyes that blink…code and graphics are all in good shape! The next page shows how to install different looks…and later we get into total customization.

This guide was first published on Aug 20, 2019. It was last updated on Jul 23, 2024.

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