Colors/textures can be independent on the left and right eyes. Notice in the config file there’s these two empty sections:

  "left" : {
  "right" : {

Between each item’s curly braces, independent irisTexture, scleraTexture, irisColor, scleraColor, pupilColor and backColor can be specified, which will override anything set outside of these.

It was mentioned earlier that the left eye’s textures are rotated 180° so it’s less obvious that the images are being re-used. If you need to override this, so both eyes have aligned textures, the irisAngle and scleraAngle settings can be used (either globally or in the left/right sections).

irisAngle and scleraAngle are a rotation offset in the clockwise direction, using either normalized floating point where 0.0=seam at top, 0.25=seam at right, 0.5=bottom, 0.75=left, and 1.0=back to top. You can also use integer units from 0 to 1024 (0=top, 256=right and so forth). Negative values are accepted for both the floating-point and integer modes, in which case the angle will be counter-clockwise.

irisSpin and scleraSpin can be used to make the texture maps revolve around the pupil, which might be handy for certain fun effects (spiral hypno-eyes, cyborg stuff, etc.). These are specified in RPM, with positive values being clockwise. So for example, setting irisSpin to -60 will make the iris rotate counter-clockwise once per second. These can be specified globally or on a left/right basis.

There’s also irisMirror and scleraMirror settings (specify as true or false, or 1 or 0 — default setting is false), which flip the way the texture is wrapped (clockwise default vs counterclockwise override). If mirroring on just one eye, you might want to set the corresponding irisAngle or scleraAngle value to 0 depending on what you’re after.

Screen orientation is specified with the rotate keyword, with a value from 0 to 3 (default is 3). This can be helpful if you’ve split your MONSTER M4SK in two. Sometimes the mask-halves will fit into a project better if they’re each turned 90 degrees, and this setting compensates so the eyes are right-side-up again. You can put separate rotate values in the left and right sections…try 0 and 2 (or 2 and 0, depending which way the eyes are turned).

None of this left/right stuff applies on the HalloWing M4, which only has one eye. Having these sections won’t cause the config load to fail, it just ignores anything eye-specific.

The following are NOT left/right configurable: eyeRadius, irisRadius and slitPupilRadius (these affect how certain tables are calculated and there isn’t enough RAM to have independent left and right tables).

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