OK you are now ready to use your FeatherWing!

Install Arduino Libraries

Lets begin by installing all the libraries we need. Open up the library manager in Arduino IDE

Search for and install the Following libraries:

Adafruit GFX

If using an earlier version of the Arduino IDE (pre-1.8.10), locate and install Adafruit_BusIO (newer versions handle this prerequisite automatically).

Adafruit ST7735 and ST7789

Adafruit seesaw

And finally, locate and install Adafruit_ZeroDMA.

Once you have installed these, restart the Arduino IDE

Graphics Test

Start by opening up the miniTFTwing -> graphicstest under the Adafruit ST7735/7789 library:

And upload it to your Feather!

You'll see a graphics test program run, showing drawing lines, text, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.

We also have a demo of the joystick that is simpler, and shows basic reading of the buttons for making interactive interfaces under the basic example

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