Power Pins

This FeatherWing is powered from the Feather 3V power pin, and uses the common GND pin.

Data Pins

We use the hardware serial pins RX and TX to send/receive data - you'll need to set these to 31250 baud in your programming language and then send/receive MIDI packet data. Because we use the UART, this works with all Feathers except for those with USB-Serial converters that use the UART pins. Right now that means the ESP8266 Huzzah Feather, 328p Feather and nRF52 Feather don't work because they use the hardware UART for programming. Any other Feathers with native USB will work just fine.


Solder your MIDI or 3.5mm stereo jacks to these pins.

This guide was first published on Mar 23, 2021. It was last updated on Apr 19, 2024.

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