With this example, tailored to the PyGamer, you can have a portable picture frame.  Put the BMP files in the main folder of your SD card, put the code below in code.py, and make sure you've configured mount_sd.py!

This example can be adapted to a lot of CircuitPython boards with support for displayio

For more information on making bitmap files, check out this guide.

# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 Jeff Epler for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

import os
import time

import board
import displayio

display = board.DISPLAY

# The bmp files on the sd card will be shown in alphabetical order
bmpfiles = sorted("/sd/" + fn for fn in os.listdir("/sd") if fn.lower().endswith("bmp"))

while True:
    if len(bmpfiles) == 0:
        print("No BMP files found")

    for filename in bmpfiles:
        print("showing", filename)

        # CircuitPython 6 & 7 compatible
        bitmap_file = open(filename, "rb")
        bitmap = displayio.OnDiskBitmap(bitmap_file)
        tile_grid = displayio.TileGrid(
            pixel_shader=getattr(bitmap, 'pixel_shader', displayio.ColorConverter())

        # # CircuitPython 7+ compatible
        # bitmap = displayio.OnDiskBitmap(filename)
        # tile_grid = displayio.TileGrid(bitmap, pixel_shader=bitmap.pixel_shader)

        group = displayio.Group()

        # Show the image for 10 seconds
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