sdioio uses SDIO high-speed interface to communicate with SD cards, it is not pin compatible with SPI and requires special wiring. Not all chips support SDIO, and if they do, you usually have to use special pins! It also requires CircuitPython 6.0.

The Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express supports SDIO mode with the SDIO Breakout Board.  First, wire the two together as shown:

  • Board 3.3 to breakout 3V
  • Board GND to breakout GND
  • Board D32 to breakout CLK
  • Board D33 to breakout CMD
  • Board D8 to breakout D0
  • Board D29 to breakout D1
  • Board D20 to breakout DAT2
  • Board D21 to breakout D3

To mount the SD card, use the following code.  Remember to put it in the file on CIRCUITPY so you can easily call it from or the REPL with import mount_sd.

import board
import sdioio
import storage

sdcard = sdioio.SDCard(

vfs = storage.VfsFat(sdcard)

storage.mount(vfs, "/sd")
Angled shot of a Adafruit Micro SD SPI or SDIO Card Breakout Board.
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