sdcardio is an SPI interface SD card library in CircuitPython 6.0 that is optimized in C to be much faster than the original adafruit_sdcard library. Some much smaller/older boards don't have enough memory for this module, in which case you will have to use adafruit_sdcard

With all its built-in sensors and battery power, the Feather M4 Sense is great for data-logging projects. Stacking headers or FeatherWing Doublers need a little soldering but no custom wiring.

  • Plug the FeatherWing into the Feather.

You can also place them side by side on a FeatherWing Doubler.

Don't forget that the Adalogger FeatherWing has a Real Time Clock (RTC) so you can even timestamp your logs!

To mount the SD card, use the following code.  Remember, to put it in the file on CIRCUITPY so you can easily call it from or the REPL with import mount_sd.

import board
import busio
import sdcardio
import storage

spi = board.SPI()
cs = board.D10

sdcard = sdcardio.SDCard(spi, cs)
vfs = storage.VfsFat(sdcard)
storage.mount(vfs, "/sd")
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