Listing files on SD card

Put the code below in on your CIRCUITPY drive, open up the REPL (and restart it with ^D if necessary) to get a listing of all the files an SD card contains. We recursively print out all files and also the filesize. This is a good demo to start with because you can at least tell if your files exist!

This example will work on any board where you've configured!.

The function print_directory works using os.listdir (to list files in a directory) and os.stat (to get information about an item, such as size or whether it's a directory).

By keeping track of the nesting of directories within directories, names are indented according to the value of tabs to show the directory structure.

import os

import mount_sd

def print_directory(path, tabs=0):
    for file in os.listdir(path):
        stats = os.stat(path + "/" + file)
        filesize = stats[6]
        isdir = stats[0] & 0x4000

        if filesize < 1000:
            sizestr = str(filesize) + " by"
        elif filesize < 1000000:
            sizestr = "%0.1f KB" % (filesize / 1000)
            sizestr = "%0.1f MB" % (filesize / 1000000)

        prettyprintname = ""
        for _ in range(tabs):
            prettyprintname += "   "
        prettyprintname += file
        if isdir:
            prettyprintname += "/"
        print('{0:<40} Size: {1:>10}'.format(prettyprintname, sizestr))

        # recursively print directory contents
        if isdir:
            print_directory(path + "/" + file, tabs + 1)

print("Files on filesystem:")
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