Get ready for our fastest Metro ever - the NXP i.MX RT1011 microcontroller powers this board with a 500 MHz ARM Cortex M7 processor. There's 4 MB of execute-in-place QSPI for firmware + disk storage and 128KB of SRAM in-chip.

Currently we have support for using this board with CircuitPython. There is no Arduino support at this time.

Adafruit supports CircuitPython on this board. Arduino is not supported at this time.


  • NXP i.MX RT1011 processor - ARM Cortex M7 processor running at 500 MHz, with 128KB SRAM and high speed USB!
  • AirLift WiFi Co-processor, with TLS/SSL support, plenty of RAM for sockets, communication is over SPI and it has CircuitPython library support ready to go for fast wireless integration.
  • 4MB of QSPI XIP Flash.
  • Power options - 6-12VDC barrel jack or USB type C.
  • UNO-shape so shields can plug in.
  • Reset button - Click to restart, double-click to enter UF2 bootloader.
  • Boot-mode switches to get into the ROM bootloader (you can always reload code over USB if TinyUF2 gets corrupted somehow).
  • SWD connector for advanced debugging access.
  • On/Off switch
  • STEMMA QT connector for I2C devices.
  • On/User LEDs + status NeoPixel.
  • Works with CircuitPython!
  • 53.2mm x 72mm / 2" x 2.8"
  • Height (w/ barrel jack): 14.8mm / 0.6"
  • Weight: 22.5g

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