LED Diffusion Acrylic

You can add an LED diffusion acrylic faceplate to the your LED matrix display. (Pictured here with the ON AIR project)

This can help protect the LEDs as well as enhance the look of the sign both indoors and out by reducing glare and specular highlights of the plastic matrix grid.

Measure and Cut the Plastic

You can use the sign to measure and mark cut lines on the paper backing of the acrylic sheet.

Then, use a tablesaw or bandsaw with a fine toothed blade and a guide or sled to make the cuts.

Note: it is possible to score and snap acrylic, but it can be very tricky to get an even snap without proper clamping.

Peel away the paper backing from both sides and set the acrylic onto your matrix display with the matte finished side facing out.

Uglu Dashes

The best method we've found for adhering acrylic to the matrix display is to use Uglu Dashes clear adhesive rectangles from Pro Tapes. They are incredibly strong (although can be removed if necessary), easy to apply, and are invisible once attached.

Use one at each corner and one each at the halfway point of the long edges, then press the acrylic and matrix panel together for about 20 seconds.

Here you can see the impact of using the diffusion acrylic. (Pictured here with the ON AIR sign project)


A very simple and attractive way to display your matrix is with the adjustable bent-wire stand.

Alternately, you can use a frame, 3D printed brackets, tape, glue, or even large binder clips to secure the acrylic to the sign and then mount it on on a wall, shelf, or display cabinet.

These mini-magnet feet can be used to stick the sign to a ferrous surface.

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