LED sequins are great for clothing and accessories! Here's a simple hat project to build with GEMMA.
You can start with the pixel + or -. For this hat we chose to start with the shared ground line that hooks up all the sequins. Stitch around the GND pad on GEMMA at the edge of a knit cap and knot/seal at the back.
Lay out your own design or use our circuit diagram above, with the sequins' + sides facing the microcontroller.

Continue stitching the ground line all the way around the perimeter of your sequin design, stitching to every sequin's - pad as you go.

Knot to your original knot, seal the knot, and trim the ends once dry.

Next hook up the + connections from each of GEMMA's outputs to three pixels. We stitched from one sequin to the GEMMA, then over to another sequin and on to the third sequin before going back to the first, making a sort of square that results in the thread tails being in the same place.

Knot these thread tails, seal and trim short.

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