This version of the LED backpack is designed for these bright and colorful square=pixeled 8x8 matrices. They have 64 red and 64 green LEDs inside, for a total of 128 LEDs controlled as a 8x16 matrix. This backpack solves the annoyance of using 24 pins or a bunch of chips by having an I2C constant-current matrix controller sit neatly on the back of the PCB. The controller chip takes care of everything, drawing all 128 LEDs in the background. All you have to do is write data to it using the 2-pin I2C interface. There are three address select pins so you can select one of 8 addresses to control up to 8 of these on a single 2-pin I2C bus (as well as whatever other I2C chips or sensors you like). The driver chip can 'dim' the entire display from 1/16 brightness up to full brightness in 1/16th steps. It cannot dim individual LEDs, only the entire display at once.

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