Below are the steps to create a typical User Page. Feel free to make your own designs of course, but if you want to get started, here is a step-by-step.

You can see the finished user page here.

Page Name

Whenever a new page is made, you will be prompted for a name. If you want, type your first and last name. Or if you prefer to remain a bit ambiguous, type just your first name.

In the example below, I typed the name Harriet Tubman (an American civil rights activist).

After typing in the name, click Create and you will get a "blank" page similar to below:

In the image above, the Elements are not visible. Click the page refresh and they should appear.

First I'll insert a picture myself. I select a Media Element. If you don't want a picture, skip to adding a text box below.

You can select a picture from a file on your computer or a web address/URL to a picture on the internet. I select a file. NOTE: the filesize of either must be < 3MB. If you want a smaller picture, edit it prior to uploading.

The editor will insert the image centered on the screen.

Next is some text about the user. I'll type some information about me as an example. Select the Text element and type the text you want.

You can use different font attributes by selecting them at the top of the text box. Click "..." to see more than can be displayed.

And the resulting full page:

That's a good start. It can always be edited or augmented later. No more Elements are desired. 

You can then preview the page by selecting Preview User Page at the left.

Edit the page if the preview doesn't suit you. Click on any element to make changes. You can click on the picture to change it. You can click on the text box to modify the text. Preview after your changes if you wish. Elements can be deleted by selecting the element and clicking Delete.

There is no save - once an element is completed, it's on the page.

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